No State, No Nation: Balkan Federation

28 Mar

A Few days ago, the famous British integrated intellectual, Timothy Garton Ash, invited us to “tell our Kosovo”. “Kosovo is many things to many people”, asserted Ash, “tell me your Kosovo and I will tell you who you are”. Allow me then to start by telling you my Kosovo, and my Balkans. I advocate another Balkans, neither capitalist nor bureaucratic-socialistic, a trans-ethnic society with polyculturalist outlook that recognizes multiple and overlapping identities and affiliations, based on voluntary co-operation and mutual aid, direct democracy of nested councils and a self-managed economy with participatory planning, framed within a regional frame of a federation.

I believe that the Kosovo question can only be answered in a regional framework, and I believe that the Balkans can provide a model for another Europe, a balkanized Europe of regions, as an alternative to both transnational European super – state and nation – states. Balkanization of Europe would be premised on the politics of autonomous regions and plurality of cultures. I see the region, an entity once eroded by the centralized nation-state and capitalism, as the basis for the regeneration and reconstruction of social and political life of Europe. My Balkans is the Balkans of regional units, rather than nations, recuperating their culturally diverse, regional polycultural identity, which had been lost in it’s incorporation into nation-state frameworks. For these reasons, I do not advocate the support for a new, mono-ethnic, Kosovo nation-state.

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