Fear of a Feminist Future

19 Oct

To imagine the future is a political practice, which means that it’s both strangely awful and awfully strange. In 1990, a team of scientists and researchers was given the task of mapping far-future scenarios for the disposal of nuclear waste. Their dilemma: how to design a warning system to make sure humans in twenty centuries’ time don’t dig in the wrong place and kill the world. As part of the report, a group of academics—all men—came up with a set of “generic scenarios” for how these future humans might live. Their most terrifying scenario? “A feminist world.”According to this bizarre piece of nuclear science fan-fiction, in the “feminist world” reached in the year 2091: Women dominated in society, numerically through the choice of having girl babies and socially. Extreme feminist values and perspectives also dominated. Twentieth-century science was discredited as misguided male aggressive epistemological arrogance. The Feminist Alternative Potash Corporation began mining in the WIPP site. Although the miners saw the markers, they dismissed the warnings as another example of inferior, inadequate, and muddled masculine thinking.It goes on to describe how “extreme feminists” reject the entire concept of knowledge as “masculine,” and instead “put values and practices of attention to the feelings and emotions of particular individuals,” dooming the world in the process.

Source: Fear of a Feminist Future | Laurie Penny

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