Want to boost confidence? Channel Wonder Woman

21 Oct

As you may have heard, and pardon the mixed metaphor, psychologists are up in arms about putting your hands on your hips. I’m talking about “power poses”, the simple physical gestures that, according to a TED talk by the Harvard academic Amy Cuddy, can transform your life. Before a job interview, adopt a pose like Wonder Woman – feet apart, hands on hips, shoulders back – and your stress hormones will fall, testosterone will rise, you’ll feel a surge of boldness, and have more chance of landing the job.Or maybe not. A major attempt to replicate the original studies failed, and one of the researchers has admitted: “I do not believe that ‘power pose’ effects are real.” A related finding – that merely fixing a smile on your face can make you more upbeat – is looking shaky, too. All these techniques for boosting confidence feel like they ought to work. But scientists are no longer confident that they do.

Source: Want to boost confidence? Channel Wonder Woman | Oliver Burkeman | Life and style | The Guardian

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