How ‘Westworld’ Plays with Our Attraction to Trauma Stories

27 Oct

In the middle of “Dissonance Theory,” the Man in Black (Ed Harris) demands answers from Armistice (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal), one of Westworld’s feared killers; she has a full-body snake tattoo, and he wants its secret. She tells him the story of Wyatt, the man who slaughtered her hometown and forced her to play dead in her mother’s blood in order to survive. Revenge has been the backbone of her life since.But we’ve seen Armistice before, and this wasn’t her story then. Wyatt’s new, a backstory plugged into the narrative by the park’s director Ford (Anthony Hopkins), who loaded her up with the trauma because it gave her something to do. She suffered so greatly because it might make her more interesting to the guests.

Source: How ‘Westworld’ Plays with Our Attraction to Trauma Stories | VICE | United States

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