‘Men Against Fire’ Is the Best ‘Black Mirror’ Episode About Donald Trump

27 Oct

After Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for president, the Black Mirror episode in which a politically incorrect cartoon bear ends up as a terrifyingly plausible political candidate no longer seemed quite so outlandish. But while “The Waldo Moment” has been most closely tied with the rise of Trump, the episode is not Black Mirror’s best critique of the candidate.For that, turn to “Men Against Fire.” The third season’s fifth episode follows Stripe, a soldier fighting a high-tech war against a series of vampiric hell zombies in a bombed out village somewhere in what seems to be Eastern Europe. The twist, as you know by now, is that the “roaches” are actually human beings. Stripe and his fellow soldiers perceive them as vicious subhumans because of an army-issued implant that changes the soldiers’ vision and other senses: “You don’t hear the shrieks, you don’t smell the blood or the shit,” an army official explains to Stripe.

Source: ‘Men Against Fire’ Is the Best ‘Black Mirror’ Episode About Donald Trump | Motherboard

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