Werner Herzog Really, Really Likes Volcanoes

29 Oct

The idea of Werner Herzog in North Korea kind of sells itself, but the legendary renegade filmmaker’s Into the Inferno delivers on so much more than that concept. Herzog’s latest documentary sees him journeying inside the isolated, notoriously guarded dictatorship among other far-flung locales like Indonesia, Iceland, Ethiopia, and Antarctica to explore volcanoes and the cultures, mythologies, and scientists that surround them.Having scratched his internet itch with this spring’s enjoyable if not-quite-transcendent Lo and Behold, the 74-year-old LA-based, Bavaria-born filmmaker is firmly back in his natural element: the elements. The result is poetic, stirring, and gorgeous, a sweeping vision of fiery apocalypse and Herzog’s finest documentary since 2007’s memorable Encounters at the End of the World . There are numerous arresting moments, particularly a series of astonishing, seemingly extraterrestrial images by—and of—late French volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft as they stroll dangerously near rivers of flowing lava, like enormous orange-and-black snakes at certain moments, geysers and waterfalls of fire during others. (The couple, Herzog notes, would be killed by a pyroclastic flow, giving these scenes a haunting quality reminiscent of Grizzly Man.)

Source: Werner Herzog Really, Really Likes Volcanoes | VICE | United States

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