‘The Adversary’ Was the Most Beautiful and Deadly Episode of ‘Westworld’ Yet

09 Nov

Westworld is a show that keeps hinting at mysteries and secrets, but has, so far, saved the big reveals for later. With so much shrouded in mystery, it’s no surprise that fans are scouring the show for clues as thoroughly as the Man in Black searches the park for his maze. This week’s episode, “The Adversary,” continues the biblical title trend from last week, employing a classic name for Satan.Biblical references are seemingly scattered throughout the characters’ names here: Bad guy bandit Hector Escaton’s (Rodrigo Santoro) may refer to “eschaton” a.k.a. the end of the world. Good guy gunslinger Teddy Flood’s (James Marsden) last name calls to mind the biblical flood. Dolores’s (Evan Rachel Wood) name comes from the Spanish term for Our Lady of Sorrows a.k.a. the Virgin Mary.Of course, plenty of other names reference non-biblical things. Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) may reference Henry Ford, the pioneer of mass production. Arnold calls to mind the famous traitor Benedict Arnold. What do all these references mean? Well, we don’t know yet. But Westworld is certainly keeping us guessing as they build up to what promises to be an escalating series of reveals in the final episodes.

Source: ‘The Adversary’ Was the Most Beautiful and Deadly Episode of ‘Westworld’ Yet | VICE | United States

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