Tim Moore: I cycled 10,000km along the Iron Curtain on a £50 bike

27 Nov

When the writer Tim Moore heard of  a new bike trail tracking the old  Iron Curtain, he found himself recklessly inspired. To a child of the Cold War  who had spent his boyhood twiddling  through eerie Soviet signals on  a short-wave radio, the freedom to roam this continent-cleaving frontier still seemed extraordinary.
Having retraced the 1914 Giro d’Italia on a 99-year-old bike with wooden wheels for his last book, and taken on the Tour de France for another, all that remained was to select an authentic steed for the challenge. And quite soon, for €56 via German eBay, he found it: a vintage East German shopping bike.
Superficially  a match for capitalist urban bicycles,  the MIFA 900 lacked gears, featured  a terrible ‘spoon brake’ that had elsewhere died out with the penny-farthing, and was so poorly engineered that it routinely broke in half.

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