In Morocco, the Intense Exploitation of Miners and the Land Continues

20 Dec

“Our working conditions are deplorable. The Labour code and the statute of miners are not enforced, and sanitary and security regulations are non-existent within the mine”, says Omar L.1, temporary worker in the Imiter mine, in the province of Tinghir in the south-east of Morocco. The silver mine in question is run by the Société métallurgique d’Imiter (SMI), subsidiary to the Managem group (meaning “mines” in Arabic). The company is part of the National Investment Society (SNI), owned by the royal family. The Managem group holds 4 subsidiaries of the 10 most profitable companies in the energy and mines sector in Morocco. Omar L. is cautious. The pressure on miners is considerable, and people fear retaliation from Glomine, their employer. This employment agency works for the Imiter mine. “Mining companies in the zone are doing all they can to suppress any dissent from workers”, he adds. After a brief period, in 2011, the miner’s mobilisations backed down after repression led by union organizations, leading to the fragmentation of workers under different statuses.

Source: In Morocco, the Intense Exploitation of Miners and the Land Continues

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