Who speaks for Muslims? The Saudis, the Turks or the Germans?

09 Feb

The reaction to Donald Trump’s executive order to ban refugees and Muslims from seven countries has been unprecedented. Flash crowds descended on JFK and Dulles international airports on Saturday. When the New York Taxi Drivers Association held an hour-long protest at Trump’s ban, and Uber attempted to profit from it by turning off their surge price, a campaign was launched to delete the Uber app from phones.Demonstrations erupted in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, San Francisco, New York and Washington. Britain’s prime minister Theresa May hardly had time to unpack her bags from her trip to Washington, than she found that her newly formed “special relationship” with Trump had turned into a domestic political liability. On a cold Monday evening, thousands of protesters jammed Whitehall outside Downing Street. A petition calling for Trump’s state visit to Britain to be cancelled has already got 1m signatures.

Source: Who speaks for Muslims? The Saudis, the Turks or the Germans? | Middle East Eye

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