Congratulations, President Macron – Now We Oppose You

17 May

Prior to the second round of the French Presidential election, DiEM25 (the pan-European movement of democrats, mostly of the left, that I helped to found) promised Emmanuel Macron that we would “mobilize fully to help” him defeat Marine Le Pen. This we did – incurring the wrath of many on the left – because maintaining “an equal distance between Macron and Le Pen,” we believed, was “inexcusable.”But there was a second part to our promise to Macron: if he “becomes merely another functionary of Europe’s deep establishment,” pursuing dead-end, already-failed neoliberalism, we “will oppose him no less energetically than we are – or should be – opposing Le Pen now.”

Source: Congratulations, President Macron – Now We Oppose You by Yanis Varoufakis – Project Syndicate

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One response to “Congratulations, President Macron – Now We Oppose You

  1. ebolainfo

    May 17, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    Varoufakis the fake leftist! The very tele-visual economists that DID NOT elucidate the root fraud of central Banks.

    Who do we who the money to? Who are the actual individuals behind these central Banks?
    How was it created? What tangible/actual value was loaned?
    Are there real alternatives to the private banking debt creation? Why does the Bank of International Settlement have supranational immunity?

    Now, Varoufakis welcomes Macron because Macron played the good cop during Greece’s “debt” negotiations.


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