Surprising Things I Learned as a Woman Fighting ISIS 

21 May

I woke up 7AM this morning to the sound of radios going crazy. Friends said they could see movement, but no one was sure. Then I heard gunfire.

We’ve spent the past week liberating frontline villages along the Euphrates River towards Raqqa, ISIS’ capital city. Last night, my tabur [platoon]—a mix of eight YPJ women and six YPG men, plus a female commander named Sorxwin— camped in a town a few hundred metres behind the frontline. Today was supposed to be our day off, which is why we’d slept in later than usual. ISIS often attack then. They think they can catch us off guard behind our lines. But they are lashing out like a cornered dog: we’re stronger, more organized, have the might of coalition airstrikes on our side, and have almost completely encircled Raqqa. They’ve nowhere left to run.

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Posted by on May 21, 2017 in Middle East



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