On the front line it seems as if Syria’s war against Islamists is far from over

26 Jan

The road to Sinjar passes through dozens of bleak, damp, wrecked villages. Their houses have crumpled under shellfire, the gateways lie in the street, a mosque sprawls half way across a road, its silver metal crescent resting on its side on the pavement. So swiftly have the Islamist al-Nusra group retreated through the fog and rain that the Syrian army has not had time to erase their equally bleak graffiti. “This country will not be ruled except by the Quran and the sharia law,” says one.

Oh yes, it will. Syrian military trucks, ankle deep in mud, some of them new Russian models, are grinding through the murk with thousands of boxes of new artillery ammunition, green oblong boxes and bright wooden crates of mortar rounds. Some arrive packed in container lorries, and drenched Syrian troops heave them to pick-up trucks and jeeps. The Independent is the first foreign media to visit the front line in Idlib province. The air pressure changes and a big gun starts banging off shells from two streets away.

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Posted by on January 26, 2018 in Middle East



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