How Osama sowed seed of Somalia’s woes

12 Aug

On the second day of my visit to Mogadishu within a couple of days of the truck bombing, I visited the site of the explosion in the company of Prof Abdullahi Shirwa, the chairman of the National Emergency Operation Centre.

At some point, a man explaining things to me glanced nervously around, and bent down to pick up “something”.

He said to me, “Here,” and offered me whatever it was that he had picked up from under a piece of wood.


I did not like his bothered look and I asked: “What is it?”

He replied: “These are pieces of human flesh.”

Shocked, I averted my eyes, unready to accept the man’s extended hand and was relieved when Prof Shirwa assured me that these were fragments of charred metal thrown out by the massive explosion.

Of the numerous assaults and the bomb attacks that will haunt every Somali’s mind, none has been dastardlier than the one on October 14.

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Posted by on August 12, 2018 in Africa



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