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Weg mit den Rettern

Der Anfang scheint gemacht. Am Wochenende stellten die Organisationen Ärzte ohne Grenzen und Sea-Eye ihre Rettungsaktionen für schiffbrüchige Flüchtlinge im Mittelmeer bis auf Weiteres ein. Andere werden wohl folgen. Denn Libyen hat eine nationale SAR-Zone (abgeleitet von “Search and Rescue”, deutsch: “Suchen und Retten”) ausgerufen, die weit über die libyschen Hoheitsgewässer hinausreicht. Und die Regierung in Tripolis, die im Land selbst kaum etwas regiert, hat die privaten Helfer ausdrücklich gewarnt, diese Zone zu befahren.

Die Drohung ist ernst zu nehmen, denn zu Wasser ist Libyen gut bestückt. Man hat aus Europa moderne Schiffe für die Küsten- und Seekontrolle bekommen, dazu viel Geld und Ausbildungskurse und was man sonst noch so braucht für den kleinen Seekrieg vor der Haustür.

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A Planet’s Future Threatened by the Fate of Its Children

“This is a war against normal life.” So said CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward, describing the situation at this moment in Syria, as well as in other parts of the Middle East. It was one of those remarks that should wake you up to the fact that the regions the United States has, since September 2001, played such a role in destabilizing are indeed in crisis, and that this process isn’t just taking place at the level of failing states and bombed-out cities, but in the most personal way imaginable. It’s devastating for countless individuals — mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, friends, lovers — and above all for children.

Ward’s words caught a reality that grows harsher by the week, and not just in Syria, but in parts of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya, among other places in the Greater Middle East and Africa. Death and destruction stalk whole populations in Syria and other crumbling countries and failed or failing states across the region.  In one of those statistics that should stagger the imagination, devastated Syria alone accounts for more than five million of the estimated 21 million refugees worldwide. And sadly, these numbers do not reflect an even harsher reality: you only become a “refugee” by crossing a border.  According to the U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR), in 2015 there were another 44 million people uprooted from their homes who were, in essence, exiles in their own lands.  Add those numbers together and you have one out of every 113 people on the planet — and those figures, the worst since World War II, may only be growing.

Source: Tomgram: Karen Greenberg, A Planet’s Future Threatened by the Fate of Its Children | TomDispatch

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Come difendersi dagli attacchi alla solidarietà

Nel fine settimana ho partecipato al festival Sabir a Siracusa, il festival diffuso delle culture mediterranee, come lo definiscono i suoi organizzatori (Arci, Acli e Caritas italiana e altre piccole associazioni). Il festival s’ispira a Sabir, la lingua franca parlata dai pescatori siciliani, tunisini, egiziani per i loro commerci nel mar Mediterraneo, una lingua che si serviva di parole italiane, spagnole e arabe. Proprio al mar Mediterraneo e a chi lo attraversa è stata dedicata questa terza edizione, con un’attenzione particolare alle organizzazioni che in questi ultimi anni si sono occupate di soccorrere i migranti in mare, in un momento in cui queste associazioni subiscono un attacco senza precedenti.“Siamo stanchi di dover spiegare sempre le stesse cose”, dice Riccardo Gatti, il coordinatore della ong spagnola Proactiva Open Arms, “quello che facciamo è salvare vite umane e lo facciamo seguendo il protocollo della guardia costiera italiana e delle autorità internazionali”. Ma negli ultimi tempi accuse e sospetti sono stati amplificati da politici e mezzi d’informazione e si sono estesi a tutte le organizzazioni che si occupano di solidarietà.

Source: Come difendersi dagli attacchi alla solidarietà – Annalisa Camilli – Internazionale

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Perché le ong che salvano vite nel Mediterraneo sono sotto attacco

Nel fine settimana del 15 e 16 aprile sono state soccorse al largo della Libia 8.300 persone in 55 diverse operazioni condotte dalle navi delle organizzazioni non governative e dalle navi militari, i soccorsi sono stati coordinati dalla centrale operativa della guardia costiera di Roma. L’aumento degli arrivi è in parte da attribuire al miglioramento delle condizioni del mare, tuttavia ha riacceso le polemiche che negli ultimi mesi hanno coinvolto le organizzazioni umanitarie che si occupano di soccorrere i migranti nel Mediterraneo. Il leader della Lega nord Matteo Salvini ha minacciato di “denunciare il governo italiano” per aver soccorso migliaia di persone al largo della Libia. Anche il leader dei cinquestelle Beppe Grillo sul suo blog ha parlato “del ruolo oscuro delle ong”.

Source: Perché le ong che salvano vite nel Mediterraneo sono sotto attacco  – Annalisa Camilli – Internazionale

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‘We All Live in Fear’: How Climate Change Is Devastating to Refugees

“I had 120 animals,” Amina Abdul Hussein, a mother of three tells me as we sit inside her ragged cloth tent in Maxamad Mooge camp, temporarily shielded from the midday glare of the sun. “But the drought killed all of them.”Dozens of unofficial camps like this are scattered across the outskirts of Hargeisa, the capital of the self-declared independent state of Somaliland in East Africa. The UNHCR reports that nearly 40,000 people have already been forced out of their native rural villages by drought in the last three months. Trigged by El Niño, the drought has been worsened by climate change, according to a new study published by the American Meteorological Society.

Source: ‘We All Live in Fear’: How Climate Change Is Devastating to Refugees – Vice

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Greece’s Anarchists Are Taking Better Care of Refugees Than the Government

On July 7, I received a message on Facebook.My name Mouaz Khrayba of Daraa, Syria I am 20 years old It is now in the Greek island of Samos My brother was one of the journalists of the events in SyriaI dream to be wellMouaz Khrayba, who had been put in touch with me by a mutual acquaintance, had attached photos of refugees protesting in front of barbed-wire fences on Samos. Many of them held signs, one of which asked simply: what is our destiny?In 2011, I came to learn, Khrayba lived with his family in Nawa, a small city in Syria’s Daraa Governorate. His mother was a teacher, and he grew up one of eight children in a happy home. Opposite their house was a garden with fruit trees and vegetables. Things took a turn during the protests that triggered the Syrian Civil War. The government repeatedly arrested his brother, Zahar, who worked as a media activist and protest organizer. In the armed uprising that followed, their family home was shelled and burned, and Zahar joined a Free Syrian Army battalion. He died of shrapnel wounds covering a battle in Nafaa. Khrayba’s father also lost his life during the war.

Source: Greece’s Anarchists Are Taking Better Care of Refugees Than the Government – Vice

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Trump has opened his arms to immigrants, but only if they’re white Canadians

Funny how another nation’s sectarian hatred comes seeping over the national frontier of its neighbours. Mexico is now fighting off the US President’s wall mania. Justin Trudeau’s Canada looks squeaky clean compared to America. You can forgive the Prime Minister’s vanity – Trudeau is now posing Tom Cruise style, eyes narrowed in love towards his wife in her cringe-making Women’s Day photo-op with her husband. Not long ago, the same couple blessed the cover of Vanity Fair. But he’s the guy who walks tall on immigration, welcomes Syrian refugees with affection, tells them they’re “home” and generally makes Trump look like a scumbag.

But the contagion has already arrived in Canada. Inspired by the racism of the Trump regime, we now find that a Canadian Conservative Party leadership contender wants to give newly arrived immigrants a “values” test. “Are men and women equal…under the law?” they would be asked. “Is it ever OK to coerce or use violence against an individual … who disagrees with your views?” “Do you realise that to have a good life in Canada, you will need to work hard to provide for yourself and your family, that you can’t expect to have things you want given to you?”

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Forasteros transitorios 

concederlo el recién electo presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump. Quieren que se restituya la política de ‘pies secos, pies mojados’ o quieren, al menos, una amnistía para los varados, para aquellos que abandonaron Cuba antes de que el 12 de enero pasado el ex presidente Barack Obama derogara la política que permitía a los residentes de la isla ser admitidos legalmente de manera casi expedita si se presentaban en las fronteras terrestres o si lograban tocar tierra desde el mar.

La petición de los varados llegó al sitio web de la Casa Blanca el pasado 25 de enero y necesitan obtener 100.000 firmas para que la Casa Blanca se pronuncie sobre este asunto. Que responda no significa que conceda la amnistía, o que regrese la política de ‘pies secos, pies mojados’. Significa, apenas, que recibirán algo de atención. Mientras las 100.000 firmas llegan, Jovann Silva Delgado, abogado cubano residente legal en Dallas, Texas, viaja en su auto hasta Nuevo Laredo para dar asesoría legal a quienes duermen en albergues, casas de migrantes manejadas por la iglesia católica, hoteles baratos y otros sitios cerca de la frontera.

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This British government is cruel – and the opposition is useless

What kind of government breaks a promise to give shelter to 3,000 of the most desperate people on Earth, children fleeing war and devastation? What kind of government sneaks out an announcement that the 3,000 places it had reserved for child refugees will be shrunk to 350 and, after that, the doors to this peaceful and prosperous country will be slammed shut?The question is not rhetorical. The first answer is: a government that knows it has the press on its side. Theresa May reckoned she could get away with reneging on her pledge to Alf Dubs – himself a child refugee in 1939 – because the papers have switched sides on the issue, taking much of the public with them.

Source: This British government is cruel – and the opposition is useless | Jonathan Freedland | Opinion | The Guardian

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Europe’s migration trade with Egypt

Long before the advent of the “migration crisis,” Italy signed a series of deals with Libya’s Colonel Muammar Qadhafi designed to stop thousands of mostly African migrants from reaching the shores of Europe.Between 2006 and 2011, Qadhafi took billions in development money and, in return, enforced Europe’s borders. Tens of thousands of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants were held in detention facilities where human rights groups reported physical abuse, torture and, in some cases, the use of lethal force.

Source: Europe’s migration trade with Egypt | MadaMasr

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