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Islamophobia is practically enshrined as public policy in Australia

The worst terror attack in New Zealand’s modern history took place on Friday, and the alleged perpetrator is an Australian.

Appropriately, this calamity has started a process of deep reflection in the man’s home country. Everywhere, decent Australians are asking, how did we get here? Do we own him?

There has been extensive, international discussion about the role of the online subculture of the far right in these events – the codes, memes and signals of internet-mediated white supremacy.

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What does Christchurch attack tell us about rightwing extremism?

The terrorist attack in New Zealand has focused attention once more on the acute threat posed by rightwing extremists.

Waves of terrorism follow a pattern: a long, unnoticed buildup followed by a massive and spectacular strike that often inflicts significant damage and casualties but focuses minds and eventually resources.

Counterterrorism agencies, driven by public outrage and concerned officials, struggle for a time to gain the upper hand until, with better funding and understanding, they begin to win the battle to keep us safe. The cycle can take many years, even decades.

Rightwing terrorism was building through the 2000s. The spectacular event came when the Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in Norway in 2011. Since then there has been a steady drumbeat of violence: the killing of 11 Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh, the murder of the British MP Jo Cox, attacks on mosques in London and Quebec, and, barely reported, many more incidents motivated by hatred.

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White Nationalism Is an International Threat

On Friday, a gunman stormed a pair of mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, showering worshippers with gunfire, and live streaming the country’s deadliest mass killing since 1943. “I was able to hear the big sound of the shooting,” one survivor, Mohan Ibrahim, told the Canadian broadcaster CBC. Ibrahim fled through the back entrance, with people dropping around him. “Many, many bullets, I’ve never seen anything like that. Later on, we saw the video … he was reloading so many guns.” 

Brenton Tarrant, a twenty-eight-year-old Australian national, reportedly claimed responsibility for the slaughter. Police arrested the suspect and three others believed to be linked to the massacre, which by its conclusion had claimed 49 victims.

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Ardern’s response to Christchurch has put other leaders to shame – but not for its compassion alone

Cometh the hour, cometh the woman. Jacinda Ardern won her spurs last week – and that of all New Zealanders – with her response to the Christchurch atrocity. But the world’s praise for her eloquence and compassion missed the point.

Ardern was different. She fought from the start like a real politician, scorning the killer, attacking racism, slapping back at Erdogan’s revolting election propaganda – which used the murderer’s own video – and then hitting out at Trump. And insisting that New Zealand’s gun laws would change forever.

That was the measure of her. Humanity came armed with political leadership. And what a sorry lot Ardern showed our own hapless “leaders” to be.

Most of them have reacted to mass murders with instant clichés of sorrow and endless waffle about “terror”, and then operatic – and often inappropriate – praise for security forces who have in most cases failed to prevent the crime from taking place. In Christchurch, the cops appear to have driven the murderer off the road before he moved to a third mosque.

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La teoria razzista dietro la strage in Nuova Zelanda

Si è parlato molto del manifesto di 73 pagine diffuso da Brenton Tarrant, il suprematista bianco australiano di 28 anni che il 15 marzo ha attaccato due moschee a Christchurch uccidendo cinquanta persone.

Come Anders Breivik, l’assassino dei giovani socialdemocratici in Norvegia nel 2011, anche Tarrant ha fornito la chiave interpretativa della sua radicalizzazione con un testo apertamente razzista e carico di odio verso i musulmani, in cui ritroviamo un riferimento tristemente familiare in Francia grazie a una tesi sviluppata da uno scrittore francese. Parlo di Renaud Camus e della sua teoria sulla “grande sostituzione”.

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New Zealand’s Tectonic Dragon Awakens

New Zealand is a country in which sheep outnumber people by a factor of six, and its serene pastures have a timelessness that feels exempt from change. But Monday’s magnitude-7.8 earthquake, centered near Kaikoura, sixty miles north of Christchurch, was a brutal reminder that, beneath its verdant carpet, New Zealand is still under active construction. It occupies one of the most complex geologic venues on the globe, at the messy boundary of two tectonic plates. The North Island, where the capital, Wellington, lies, is part of the Australian plate, and its landscape is dominated by two dozen active volcanoes. (One of these, the Taupo caldera, is notorious in the annals of volcanology as the site of Earth’s most recent super-eruption, twenty-six thousand years ago, which covered parts of the island in ejecta six hundred feet deep. Outside geophysical circles, the region is more generally famous as the home of Mt. Doom in the “Lord of the Rings” films.) The plate boundary lies about forty miles offshore, at the Hikurangi trench, a deep warp in the ocean floor where the Pacific crust slides westward beneath the Australian plate. Meanwhile, off the southern end of the South Island, the configuration is reversed—that is, the Australian plate sinks eastward beneath the Pacific plate.

Source: New Zealand’s Tectonic Dragon Awakens – The New Yorker

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Snowden: New Zealand’s Prime Minister Isn’t Telling the Truth About Mass Surveillance

Like many nations around the world, New Zealand over the last year has engaged in a serious and intense debate about government surveillance. The nation’s prime minister, John Key of the National Party, has denied that New Zealand’s spy agency GCSB engages in mass surveillance, mostly as a means of convincing the country to enact a new law vesting the agency with greater powers. This week, as a national election approaches, Key repeated those denials in anticipation of a report in The Intercept today exposing the Key government’s actions in implementing a system to record citizens’ metadata.

via Snowden: New Zealand’s Prime Minister Isn’t Telling the Truth About Mass Surveillance – The Intercept —

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